What if there was something your kids could watch, that involved other kids doing healthy things…and it was catchy?

So catchy that they actually sing it over and over? (No, I am not talking about “baby shark do doo do doo do do)

I mean a song that motivated them to make the healthiest choices possible. To eat things that are GREEN! Well, you probably guessed by now…I have that for you. (just click above, silly). Our family made a music video to the amazing song “Lean Green Eating Machine” from kid singing super star, Julie Frost.

The video stars yours truly, and my entire family, including Izzy, Rog, little Parker and a cameo by my wife, Jenn.

I knew this video would be fun, but I had no idea how many folks would message me and tell me about their kids singing the song while drinking their smoothies or eating their healthy meals. Honestly, it is the reason I do what I do.

If you get the same reaction with any of the kids in your life, please let me know. It makes me super happy.

Music by Julie Frost Kids. Video produced with permission from the artist as a fan tribute.

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