I first heard Dick Hoyt’s story during an Ironman race. He single-handedly powered his wheelchair-bound son through the 140.6 mile race and managed to fuel his son’s dreams by crossing the finish line almost every single time. The only time he didn’t was because they were both hospitalized after a bike wreck in Hawaii…but that was only one race. One of over 1,100 races they did together.

Today, Dick is not doing distance races with Rick, but rather competing in 5K, 10K, and olympic triathlon races. At 76 years old, Dick was told by his doctors that due to many of the wear and tear on his body that he should slow down to avoid surgery so late in life. He listened. Taking the reigns for team Hoyt is an amazing fan, and local dentist, who has turned into a life-long friend for the Hoyt family.

During our podcast we discuss how Dick prepared for all of the races he ran, what inspires and motivates him on a daily basis, the ESPN Jimmy V Award they received in 2013, and that time Rick stole jelly beans from the President of the United States. It’s all here, folks! Enjoy the episode and keep going that extra mile for your family.

Items Mentioned In The Podcast:

  • Support Team Hoyt by visiting them online at www.teamhoyt.com
  • Footage of Dick and his son Rick receiving the Jimmy V Award in 2013 HERE
  • Fit Bit Commercial featuring this awesome duo HERE
  • Hyundai Commercial featuring Team Hoyt HERE
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