I had the opportunity to meet Howard Jacobson when I attended the Plant Stock Event in New York at the Esselstyn Family Ranch. We only met for a few seconds, but I told him what I did and he invited me on his podcast. We had a blast talking about fatherhood and plant-based diets. Howie, as he is lovingly called by his friends, is extremely modest, so he won’t be one to immediately tell you that he has helped write two of the most impressive and comprehensive books on plant-based nutrition. He did. As a good friend of T. Colin Campbell, he was instrumental in writing the book “Whole” with Dr. Campbell and “Proteinaholic” with Garth Davis.

Howie’s journey is unique. He knew what he was supposed to do. He knew about a plant-based diet and all the amazing benefits it would have on his life. Somewhere along his journey, he says an “evil fairy” came along and hit him with a stick and all of the knowledge and information that he had learned…was gone. He was back on a Western diet and he was left at 35 years old wondering what happened. He couldn’t play with his kids because he was tired and had a bad back and something was off.

He got back on track. The right choices started to become clear to him and as he changed his life for the better, he also began to write some of the most popular plant-based books on the market. His story is unique, but not unlike many of us who can easily forget how to treat our bodies when our lives get busy. Today, Howard is an ultra marathoner and feels better now in his 50’s than he did when he was a young, 35-year-old dad. I hope you enjoy the episode!

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