Raising Vegan Kids In Non-Vegan Households

Dietitian Heather Borders of Kailo Nutrition talks with Cory Warren from Lean Green DAD on where to start when you have a child in your family who wants to begin a vegan lifestyle in a family that might not necessarily be vegan. Lots of great information for folks just starting out on a vegan diet and busy parents who want to help their kids start a plant-based lifestyle in a family that might not be 100% vegan!

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  • How much protein do you need? For this answer, you should look at the following equation: Your weight in pounds, divided by 2.2. Then multiply that by 0.8. For example for me, who weighs 155, divided by 2.2 = 70.4. Multiply that by 0.8 and I get 56. So 56 grams of protein per day is more than enough for me. For kids, the multiplication can vary and instead of 2.2, you would want to use a 1.1 multiplier.
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