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A transformation has occurred. You see, I used to be an athlete who competed in races and triathlons frequently. Half marathons, 140.6-mile races, 70.3-mile races, warrior races…you name it, I did it! Today, I still compete every now and then, but I am really embracing my new title of “Dadlete.” Let me explain. It’s not that I have stopped being fit or tried to make excuses why I can’t get to the gym…I just have a different motivation for working out. While there might have been several reasons in the past that I might have hit the gym (my own personal vanity, included), the reasons today all include my kids…and I love it.

I think that there is an evolution of working out as we develop into men. I started working out at 14 years old because I wanted to fit into a Celtic’s Dee Brown basketball jersey without my mom and sister laughing at me. I was doing bench presses and dumbbells and really focusing on my “pretty muscles” in my upper body. After I achieved some more muscle and was able to wear the jersey, I found that I actually liked working out and that it was fun for me. I could lift a ton of weight for a 5’6″ 130lb. guy (remember, I was 14). As I grew (slightly) taller and older, I found that my reasons for working out were shifting. I still wanted to feel attractive and fit, but I also wanted to be healthy in general. I wanted to be able to live life with ease. I didn’t want to have my back hurt when I picked up a heavy trash can. I wanted to give my girlfriend a piggy back ride and make it seem effortless. My reasons for working out were shifting away from myself, and toward my future family.

Now that I am a husband and father, a Dadlete, working out has a whole new meaning for me. It still has a tiny bit to do with vanity. Everyone likes to look as good as they can and a few extra muscles never hurt anyone! I also happen to like looking good while I am doing it. There are lots of expensive brands out there, but Russell Athletic‘s line of clothes is stellar. Although you can’t see them in action on me yet (wait patiently LOL), I am happy to tell you that the new Freshforce™ Performance Underwear with moisture wicking and intellifresh™ built in odor protection is a hit. I originally wore them to the gym, but then used the other pair after I got out of the shower to test them on my “dadly” duties throughout the day. I can honestly say that these undies are the most comfortable pair I have ever worn!

The Russell Freshforce™ Performance Underwear Provides:

  • All day freshness
  • Odor protection
  • Premium, soft, moisture wicking fabric paired with a supportive performance fly makes that makes it the perfect all-day underwear

You can find these and other awesome Russell Athletic performance gear at your local Walmart store!


I want to be a strong force for my family. My wife and three kids need me! They need me to be the strong daddy that can help solve problems, fix things, take out the trash and lift heavy strollers down stairs. They need me to be able to hold a baby carrier in one hand and carry a toddler in the other. They need me to pick them up when they fall down (literally and figuratively). I work out to show a positive example to my kids of how to take care of yourself. I work out to keep myself in the best physical shape possible so I can take care of them. I work out so that on my ten and twenty year anniversary, I can pick up my wife and lift her over the threshold with ease.

So today I ask YOU…why do you work out? Are you working out for you or for someone else…or both? You don’t have to wait to be a parent to work out for someone else. I am sure you have a family of your own. A mom that needs help around the house…a dad that needs to lose a few pounds and might need some extra bonding time…and if you’re lucky enough, a grandma that needs an extra hand lifting her groceries. While all of these things seem routine, we must not take them for granted and we must keep ourselves in the best physical shape that we can in order to live our normal day-to-day lives. So I leave you with this. Whoever you work out for…do it with passion and dedication. You never know who might be watching. Embrace your inner Dadlete! If you have a #dadlete picture, upload it to your Instagram account and tag the Russell Athletic Instagram and use the hashtag #dadlete to share your Dadlete moments!

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