*In an effort to only partner with brands I believe in, I have proudly partnered with Russell Athletic to bring you this post and have received compensation to do so. All opinions are my own.

Whether you are a busy parent, social butterfly, high-powered CEO or just an everyday “Dadlete” like me, you have to carve out special time for your fitness. The truth is, anyone is able to set a realistic goal for themselves…even busy parents! Before you make excuses as to why you can’t find the time to do something active, make sure that you honestly analyze your life balance first. Where can you find some extra time to do something active? I found some time recently at my local playground and my friends at Russell Athletic asked me to share my “playground workout” with you! My kids are young and love to play outside, so I gladly took them to the playground. I hadn’t had a chance to get to the gym that day so I took it upon myself to create a fun workout using the playground equipment and my kids cheered me on.

It turns out, some of the playground equipment really makes an excellent workout for a Dadlete! Of course, when getting a good playground workout in, it’s important to take your comfort seriously. There are lots of expensive brands out there, but Russell Athletic‘s line of clothes is stellar. Although you can’t see them in action on me yet (wait patiently LOL), I am happy to tell you that the new Freshforce™ Performance Underwear with moisture wicking and intellifresh™ built-in odor protection is a hit. I originally wore them to the gym, but then used the other pair after I got out of the shower to test them on my “dadly” duties throughout the day. I can honestly say that these undies are the most comfortable pair I have ever worn!

The Russell Freshforce™ Performance Underwear Provides:

  • All-day freshness
  • Odor protection
  • Premium, soft, moisture-wicking fabric paired with a supportive performance fly makes that makes it the perfect all-day underwear

You can find these and other awesome Russell Athletic performance gear at your local Walmart store!

You might think that the underwear you are wearing doesn’t matter. In fact, you might even have your favorite underwear (with holes in it) that is hard to part with. I get it. Trust me when I say that these Russell underwear are awesome. I have to get more because I am always asking my wife if they are clean or not. While great underwear does help the workout, it won’t help you do the work that you need to do to keep your body in shape for your family. Check out a few side-by-side comparisons of some playground equipment that can go toe-to-toe with some of the fancy stuff in your gym…minus the monthly membership fee!

Pullups at the gym? No way! Why do your pullups in the AC when you can do them in the great outdoors with your kids watching in awe of your mighty Dadlete strength?!

Looking to get a few steps in? Why waste your time going nowhere at the gym when you can have your kiddos chase you up the playground stairs over and over again? You get a great workout in and your kids will be nice and tired for bedtime later that evening!

Ah, the ab exercise ball. The one on the right looks like a torture machine, right? Instead of the torture at the gym, have some fun by grabbing on to the top of a small playground bridge and lifting your legs up towards your torso over and over (as seen in the above video) for a great ab workout!

Now I know there are lots of reasons that we busy parents can’t hit the gym every day. If you can’t workout at the playground, maybe you can find some extra time somewhere else! Do you need to shave off half an hour of that tv time and do a fitness DVD in your living room after the kids go to bed? You can do that AND still have time to watch a little television and relax! Perhaps it’s just a few pushups here and there that you can do in the morning. You could even set a five-minute stretching routine for yourself that could help you with your flexibility. Turn that dog walk into a dog RUN. It will be good for both of you! Whatever you do, the point is that you are doing it and you are purposely setting time aside in your busy life to take care of YOU.

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