*In an effort to only partner with brands I believe in, I have proudly partnered with Russell Athletic to bring you this post and have received compensation to do so. All opinions are my own.

Whether you are a busy parent, social butterfly, high-powered CEO or just an everyday “Dadlete” like me, you have to carve out special time for your fitness. The truth is, anyone is able to set a realistic goal for themselves…even busy parents! Before you make excuses as to why you can’t find the time to do something active, make sure that you honestly analyze your life balance first. Where can you find some extra time to do something active? Are there unconventional places where you could work out that you hadn’t considered? Could your very own minivan provide a thorough and rewarding burn? What if you turned your normal, everyday minivan into a MANivan?! As a personal trainer, I took to the driveway before taking the kids to their afternoon activities to see just how good a workout I could get on one of the most feared new-dad acquisitions; the minivan.

It turns out, my minivan created an excellent workout! Did I really just type that?! I did!

Now of course, when doing any good Dadlete MANivan workout, it’s important to take your comfort seriously. There are lots of expensive brands out there, but Russell Athletic’s line of clothes is stellar. As you can see from the video, I am decked out in the latest Russell gear and I love their shirts and shorts.

Also, although you can’t see them in action on me, I am happy to tell you that the new Freshforce™ Performance Underwear with moisture wicking and intellifresh™ built-in odor protection is a hit. I originally wore them to the gym, but then used the other pair after I got out of the shower to test them on my “dadly” duties throughout the day. I can honestly say that these undies are the most comfortable pair I have ever worn!

The Russell Freshforce™ Performance Underwear Provides:

  • All-day freshness
  • Odor protection
  • Premium, soft, moisture-wicking fabric paired with a supportive performance fly makes that makes it the perfect all-day underwear

You can find these and other awesome Russell Athletic performance gear at your local Walmart store!

Now, back to my MANivan workout! Buying a minivan is the one thing that most Dads (and Moms) fear most, but turn that fear into power by making it your favorite piece of gym equipment! Here are *just some* of the areas you can target to get your ultimate Dadlete minivan workout on:


Place a foam pad or towel on the ground next to your van’s sliding door. Open your minivan’s sliding door and lift your legs up into the car. When you sit up to do your crunch, try to lift up and then crunch over to really work the entire ab area. Forget about doing these fast. Make it a slow burn and do it until you can’t do anymore to really get your abs nice and strong. Solid core strength is very important for Dadletes, who are often seen lifting babies.

“Traps” and “Lats

Many minivans these days have automated doors that shut with just the click of a button…but why simply push a button when you could work your trapezius and latissimus dorsi muscles? Open your minivan’s rear trunk and put your hands on the top. Pull down slow and controlled without shutting the door. Don’t let the door go back up by itself…control the door slowly up and down and feel the burn. Next time your wife tells you to shut the back door, you can do so with all your new manly strength!

Quads Of Steel

There are four muscles that make up your quadriceps and with your minivan, you can work all four! Using that amazing sliding door again, step up with one leg, eventually having both legs at the top and then step down and back up again, rotating legs each time you step up. Bro’s don’t let bro’s skip leg day, and your trusty minivan won’t let you down when it comes to building those powerful beast-like legs to navigate the grocery store aisles as quickly as possible!

Our final thoughts remind you that no minivan will make you look cool, but when you’re a Dadlete, family comes first. These sliding-door transportation saviors have been around for decades and you will be joining a long line of dads who have swallowed their pride and done what’s best for the family. Create your own minivan workout with your kids and embrace your Dadlete status!

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