*In an effort to only partner with brands I believe in, I have proudly partnered with Russell Athletic to bring you this post and have received compensation to do so. All opinions are my own.

*All photos in this post were done by the amazing Cricket Whitman from Cricket’s Photo & Cinema.

They started this whole thing. It was their fault! My healthy Dad blog, Lean Green DAD, started because of my three wonderful kids, but my daily motivation to keep writing and posting comes from a deeper place. 

Today, I write blog posts, create inspirational videos and partner with brands (like my friends at Russell Athletic) that I believe in to help other busy families do the best they can to stay as healthy as possible with a busy family life. That’s why my Dadlete persona and my plant-based lifestyle go hand-in-hand. There are lots of reasons to begin a healthy, plant-based lifestyle for your family. Maybe you care about the planet. Perhaps you believe that our animal friends are not being treated fairly. Or maybe…just maybe you are like me and it started with a health scare. Though it wasn’t my personal health scare, it would change my life forever.

When my wife was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis several years ago, we had a choice to make on how we were going to live our lives. With very limited resources and information available about Ulcerative Colitis at the time of her diagnoses, we took to books and the internet to learn as much as we could about this disease. How could we be our best? How could we work with our doctors to use the best combination of medicine and food to put my wife in the best position possible for remission? How were we moving our bodies? Were we working out and staying active? What type of food were we eating to fuel our bodies?  

I would love to tell you that the day she was diagnosed, we changed to a 100% whole food, plant-based diet and never looked back. That’s not how it happened. Like many other people, we knew we had to make a few changes, but we didn’t know where to start. It was a gradual process that happened over a few years. We were lucky enough to see a movie called Forks Over Knives, that really motivated us and got our brains thinking the right way about the food we ate. It wasn’t until right around the time our second child was born that we were able to fully transition to this lifestyle. It took a while and it took some research and patience, but we got there…and we did it for each other. For my wife. For our family.

Today, we continue our plant-based lifestyle and focus on moving our bodies. Now that I’m a Dadlete, working out has a whole new meaning for me. It still has a tiny bit to do with vanity. Everyone likes to look as good as they can and a few extra muscles never hurt anyone! I also happen to like having some cool clothes while I work out. There are lots of expensive brands out there, but Russell Athletic‘s affordable line of performance clothes are stellar. Thanks to my friend Cricket, we were able to grab some really fun photos that help showcase the real reason why I stay as fit as possible as a busy dad of three. I do it for them. I want my kids to see me working out and caring about my body. I want them to get used to seeing dad in gym clothes, not just a suit and tie. I want my wife to know that I will always be the best version of myself so I can be there to take care of her.

You can see a few of the Russell Athletic pieces in our photo session with Cricket. As you can see, lots of the Russell Athletic line uses moisture wicking technology, which keeps you feeling dry and fresh during workouts. And how about those undies?! I am happy to tell you that the new Freshforce™ Performance Underwear with moisture wicking and intellifresh™ built in odor protection is a hit. I originally wore them to the gym, but then used the other pair after I got out of the shower to test them on my “dadly” duties throughout the day. I can honestly say that these undies are the most comfortable pair I have ever worn!

The Russell Freshforce™ Performance Underwear Provides:

  • All day freshness
  • Odor protection
  • Premium, soft, moisture wicking fabric paired with a supportive performance fly makes that makes it the perfect all-day underwear

You can find these and other awesome Russell Athletic performance gear at your local Walmart store!

So today I ask YOU…why do you work out? Are you working out for you or for someone else…or both? You don’t have to wait to be a parent to work out for someone else. I am sure you have a family of your own. A mom that needs help around the house…a dad that needs to lose a few pounds and might need some extra bonding time…and if you’re lucky enough, a grandma that needs an extra hand lifting her groceries. While all of these things seem routine, we must not take them for granted and we must keep ourselves in the best physical shape that we can in order to live our normal day-to-day lives. So I leave you with this. Whoever you work out for…do it with passion and dedication. You never know who might be watching. Embrace your inner Dadlete! If you have a #dadlete picture, upload it to your Instagram account and tag the Russell Athletic Instagram and use the hashtag #dadlete to share your Dadlete moments!

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