I am living with a young son who struggles with ADHD every day. I love him so much and I would describe our lives as happy, but troubled. So much of this trouble centers around my son’s behavior and if he is going to make it through any given situation successfully, or melt down completely at any given moment. My son is six years old and we are embarking on a journey with Brain Balance of Central Florida. So far the journey has helped, but this is just the beginning.

This challenge is not just his and his alone. It is a family challenge. My husband and I bicker a lot. There are very few things we agree on immediately. Having a defiant child in the house only amplifies some of these difficult situations and brings out the worst in all of us.

Some days I simply can’t believe how much stress and anger can be brought out of me by my young son. I am a generally peaceful person. Anger is definitely not a “go-to” emotion for me, and yet he has me there almost every single day.

Today I had to fill out a form for his 504 plan at school and it had a space for me to write about my son. They wanted to know the good, the bad and the ugly. As I began writing and saw the list of his negative qualities growing, I felt sad. His positives were only a fraction of the list. While the list of positives is smaller, they are wonderful positives. He is so smart, very funny…charismatic and creative. He is a natural born leader…which sometimes makes it the hardest to parent him. He is a wonderful young man, but sometimes the weight of the struggles overtake the positive and I feel tired and often times depressed just thinking about it. He is argumentative. He blames others for his mis-steps and he rarely accepts responsibility for his actions. He does not play well with others, unless the person he is playing with does exactly what he says. For this reason, he plays better with younger children. They tend to follow what he says and have fun, but even in these situations we must watch him closely as he might purposely try to influence them to do things that are dangerous or against the rules. If you turn your back for a second, there could be serious trouble.

While these and many more troubles are evident in our everyday lives, we are hopeful. We know we are not alone in this challenge as there are many parents out there just like us, who feel the same way we do. Personally, we have started an experience with Brain Balance Centers of Central Florida, where he attends classes three days a week. The experience with the staff thus far has been nothing short of incredible. He is monitored each session. His progress is tracked with detailed records and we meet every twelve sessions to discuss his progressions and challenges. We work with him every day on his sensory motor exercises. We are committed to helping our brilliant son find his way in this world and as Peter Shankaman says, one day use his “ADHD as a superpower.” We want to help him. We want to be there for him always. There is greatness waiting to be unlocked and we are trying so hard to find the key. Stay tuned as our journey continues.

We have received compensation in the form of sessions for our son at Brain Balance of Central Florida, but the opinions and thoughts expressed in this blog post are our own. We only partner with brands we believe in. To hear more about Brain Balance of Central Florida, please listen in to a podcast we did with Dr. Robert Melillo a while back by clicking HERE.