After a successful McDonald’s Vegan Burger trial in Finland, the “McVegan” can now be found across Finland and Sweden. Is this something that should be celebrated or frowned upon? In my opinion, I think it’s great. While I eat mostly a whole food, plant-based diet, I do consider myself a vegan. Of course plant-based and vegan are not the exact same thing, folks that are in both parties should celebrate this as a huge win, in my opinion.

People go vegan or plant-based for lots of different reasons, but to me there are mainly three that I seem to hear about more than others: For the planet, for the animals, for ourselves.

How The McDonald’s Vegan Burger Helps The Planet

Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions [source]. It doesn’t sound like that much, but when you heard that the same 18% is more than exhaust from all of the world’s transportation combined, you can see why reducing the impact on animal agriculture could make a case for why the McVegan Burger helps the planet.

How The McDonald’s Vegan Burger Helps The Animals

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction [source]. When our family started off on our vegan journey, we did it for our own personal health. It has been wonderful, but along our journey our eyes have been opened to how horribly some animals are treated. We are mostly talking about factory farms that produce large amounts of chicken, eggs and dairy in environments that are just disgusting. By eating less animals, we are essentially saving animals and reducing habitat destruction, and that is ok by me!

How The McDonald’s Vegan Burger Helps You

I am the last one on the planet to stand behind a fast food chain, but I can tell you that what has happened by the creation of this vegan burger, whether you like it or not…whether it tastes good or not…whether you believe that eating soy is bad for you or not…is that folks have been made more aware of a vegan and/or plant-based diet. No matter what reason you choose to eat more plants, it is encouraging to see that consumers are making decisions to eat less meat and give this way of life a try. It is a welcoming and inclusive lifestyle change to embrace a vegan diet. It can also be scary when you are first starting out. By having an option like this readily available, it welcomes inclusivity and a positive conversation around change.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and have an awesome day!

More from the official McDonald’s Press Release:

International fast-food chain McDonald’s announced this week that its McVegan burger will be available in locations across Finland and Sweden beginning December 28. McDonald’s launched the vegan burger—made with a soy patty and served with an eggless “McFeast” sauce—at one location in Tampere, Finland in October to test demand. “The trial in Finland in Tampere area restaurants and the positive feedback from our customers exceeded our expectation,” McDonald’s Finland Communications Director Heli Ryhänen told VegNews. “As a result, we decided to launch the McVegan nationwide.” McDonald’s partnered with food company Orkla Foods in Sweden to create a soy-based patty for the Swedish McVegan burger. “It is both fun and exciting that we have started cooperation with Orkla Foods Sweden and their brand Anamma,” McDonald’s Head of Food Strategy Staffan Ekstam said. “That means we can work with the best in the industry when it comes to vegan products and that we can offer our guests a vegan burger developed in Sweden. Our ambition is that there will be something on our menu for all 400,000 guests visiting us every day, and with McVegan we are expanding our offer further.” While Ryhänen said she is not aware of plans to expand the offering to McDonald’s locations in other countries, she revealed that new product launches are decided by management at franchise locations.

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