PB & J Granola and awesome snacks!

Snacks save the day! We made this LIVE last week on Facebook.

Join us every Thursday at 2pm EST on Facebook LIVE!

Shepherd’s Pie Bowl in 15 mins.

Classic comfort food…simplified!

Podcast: Vegan Author/Hero Ruby Roth

Well-known vegan author Ruby Roth talks on how to make a vegan diet easy for kids!

Five Tips To Help Your Vegan Kids Thrive In School

Simple tips for an easier school experience.

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Cory Warren

Cory Warren is a husband, father of three, and vegan athlete who helps busy families eat more plant-based foods! His blog, Lean Green DAD, helps over-scheduled, busy people (mostly parents) maintain a healthy balance of plant-based nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness so they can go the extra mile for their families.
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